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dj baby chocolate + hi-life soundsystem


“An exceptional, vinyl based, bespoke Dj Service—never the same set twice—only the best” Dj baby chocolate aka wayland Henry Iverson is an oak park based Dj, artist and musician, active in Chicago’s independent arts scene for the past 25 years. Musical projects have included throw, dj disbelieve, fatalists and eyeswater. Iverson recently rebirthed ear trumpet recordings with a new project M(()). In addition, Iverson spins records as Dj Whispers in nursing care facilities advocating “vinyl therapy” for the healthy elderly, as well as dementia and alzheimer’s patients. DIY to the core, Iverson operates out of his multi-disciplinary studio “feelings.”
Endorsements: Delilah’s, Hideout, Free Spirit Media, Reading In Motion, Belmont Village, OPRF Booster Club, Fitzgerald’s, Friendly Tap, School of Rock, Chicago Highlands CC, Club Paris, Health Track, Martin Implement, Audi, District 97, Skrinechops, Nineteenth Century Club, Glen Oak CC, Montecito CC (Ca.), Kuipers Family Farm, One For The Kids, Cameo Endontics, OneMeal, Etc.
“And those who were dancing were thought to be insane– by those who could not hear the music” Nietzsche